Grow Lead Inspire

"Feel free, set trends, be you and be proud of it!"



Our Mission.

Every young woman deserves the tools and opportunity to become whatever they want to be, GROW LEAD INSPIRE (GLI) was created to serve as one of those chances through a weekend of education, mentorship and inspiration. Our mission is to serve as a space for girls to chart their life paths both personally and professionally.


Our Goals.

It is our goal that each attendee develops critical life skills through workshops, community outreach, and leadership development activities. GLI also seeks to develop strong relationships between local female leaders from a variety of fields. GLI offers the chance for attendees to interface with these strong, successful women through networking, mentorship and career coaching.

GLI’s workshops and panels cover relevant topics such as self-love, money management, relevant social issues, advocacy, health & wellness, trends in technology and much more. Young women who experience GLI will emerge with a head start on their journey towards success in both their future careers and their daily lives.


"I always knew that being 100% wholeheartedly me was going to pay off."



Our History.

When Grow Lead Inspire (GLI) founder Braea Tilford reflects on her teenage years, her only regret is that she did not love herself more. As she’s grown she has turned that regret into a passion, working to create an environment for girls to develop a stronger feeling of self-love. Through GLI, Braea hopes that she can inspire women to gain the confidence and leadership skills they need to become impactful leaders in their community and the larger world. GLI strives to foster a desire within girls to make a difference in the world around them, to find their callings wherever they may be and understand that life is much bigger than them.


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